Why Hire Kits?



  • Problem: Educational items are too expensive to buy

happy-woman-isolatedHomeschool Kits



  • Solution: Hiring a kit is cost effective

  • Problem: I don’t know which ones are quality – what if I buy something and can’t use it?

  • Solution: We buy quality kits.

  • Problem: I don’t have any more storage!

  • Solution: You can have access to lots of resources but don’t need to store any of them.

  • Problem: I don’t know how to get best use out of it.

  • Solution: We supply information, books and ideas with our kits.

  • Problem: Even my fantastic kids get bored with just one kit but the money is all spent by then.

  • Solution: By hiring instead of buying you still get access to great kits at a fraction of the cost.  A school term is long enough to get good use from our kits – then you return it for another!

  • Problem: I’ve got lots of kids – by the time the youngest gets to use it, the set will be broken or obsolete.

  • Solution: We keep kits in good working order and are continually stocking new resources.

  • Problem: I am overwhelmed by all the stuff we have already.  There’s so much clutter!

  • Solution: By hiring and not buying, you don’t have to have any more clutter!  Re-using is better for our planet and for us!