Ticker Timer Kit



Discover the rate of acceleration for yourself using our Ticker Timer Kit.  The Kit comes with an NCEA Level 1 Physics booklet.  Any textbook covering highschool physics will have several graphs made up from ticker timer tape – do the thing for real!  Tape included.

Hire price: $10 per term pp. 

Hodson’s Light Box and Optical Set – hands on physics for high school!






If we mix coloured light do we get the same results as with coloured paint?  How can we refract light?  What does a convex or concave lens do to my light beam?  How does a prism work?  This is a self contained optics kit enabling full investigation into optics and colour mixing to be carried out. The complete kit is supplied with a comprehensive range of optical quality plastic prisms, lenses and mirrors as well as a set each of colour cards and colour filters and three black plastic slit plates.

Best of all there is a detailed instruction book which will take you and your older children through a comprehensive set of light experiments at set at high school level.  If your teen is studying for Level 1 or 2 Physics for NCEA, this kit will help with the Light Physics component.

Suitable for ages 12+.  Hire price: $20 for a term plus postage.  (Smaller light box $15 per term plus postage).



Exploring Light activity set




This is a great set for young children to first learn about the physics of light.  Children experiment with shadows, rainbows and more as they complete hands-on activities with this easy-to-use kit. Ten activity cards guide students through 10 simple experiments, from creating shadows with a torch to reflecting light with a mirror. Supplied with 23 tools and manipulatives, including a kaleidoscope, rainbow viewer, projection screen, translucent colour paddles and much more.

Suitable for ages 3-8.  Hire price: $10 per term pp.

For more physics, try our Fischer Technik sets – especially “Fun with Physics” and “Technical Revolutions” or our Systems Trainer Board or Electroflash kits for electronics.