Coming Term 3 – Area, Perimeter and Volume Set

Using the game “Fence It In”, primary aged children learn the concepts of area and perimeter through hands-on activities, problem-solving, and a card game that can be played at three levels. Learners use square tiles and rulers to measure the area and perimeter of square-based shapes following a series of task cards. Later on, the cards present challenges like assembling tiles into a mystery shape with a given area and perimeter. In the card game, players pair shape cards with matching area/perimeter cards.    The game includes 9 double-sided task cards, rulers, square tiles, and 50 cards. For 1-4 players.

Also in this pack, are our beautiful “View-Thru Geometric Solids” by Learning Resources.  Removable bases allow for relating 2-D shapes to 3-D solids. Easy to fill with liquid or dry-fill, and easy to clean. Includes large triangular pyramid, square pyramid, hemisphere, sphere, cone, pentagonal prism, small and large cube rectangular prism, triangular prism and cylinder. Measure 3 or 6 cm and the set includes a page of relevant volume formulas.

Both of these resources are aimed at Year 4 or higher.  Recommended for ages 8+.  Hire price per term: $15pp


Coming Term 3 – Fractions and Angles Pack

Learn about these essential maths concepts by using pattern blocks and Paul Swan.  Each pattern block has interior and exterior angles to measure.  Add blocks together to get different angles.  Likewise, each block can also be used with others to create fractions.  Let Paul Swan lead you through an easy and fun way to learn these concepts hands-on with your children.  Afterwards, test your angles knowledge using these angles dominoes.


DVD Maths Inspiration for Teens

Thanks to Maths On Screen for giving us permission to hire out these fantastic DVDs to our teenagers!  It can be difficult to relate real-world problems to the ones in the maths textbooks.  This series features mathematicians giving entertaining and very tricky lectures to a group of teens.

Titles:  “Are You Feeling Lucky?”, “From Juggling to Jazz”, “Geometry in the Real World”, “Roller Coasters and Other Flying Objects”, “Weird and Wonderful Maths”, “What’s the Trick?”.  Each DVD contains two shows, each 35-40 minutes.  “My teenage son absolutely loved these DVDs – we will have to re-hire them for another watch!”

Suitable for 13+.  Hire Price: $10 per term pp.


K’NEX  Intermediate Math & Geometry Set

The K’NEX Education Intermediate Math & Geometry set is designed to address critical mathematics concepts in the upper primary school classroom.

This set includes a teacher’s guide as well as 28 activities for children to follow through while learning about maths concepts in a fun way. A great resource for the kinaesthetic learner.  This set includes 920 K’NEX parts enough for several children to build several models simultaneously.

Suitable for ages 8-12.  Hire price: $15 for a term plus postage


Probability kit

This probability kit includes 12 activity cards at three levels of difficulty. It comes with a teacher booklet with an answer key.  The kit contains NZ coins, specialty die, playing cards, two-coloured counters and a selection of spinners.  Learning about probability and statistics is a foundational maths skill and should be part of any good maths programme.

“Learning about probability makes four kinds of demand on children’s cognitive skills:

  1. To understand the nature of randomness.
  2. To be able to work out all the possible events in the context of the problem.
  3. To reason proportionally in order to calculate the probability of particular events.
  4. To understand correlations, which are crucial for understanding risk.”  (From the Nuffield Foundation)

Suitable for ages 8-12.  Hire price: $15 for a term plus postage


Klikko and Klikko Tek

A huge kit of squares, triangles, pentagons and hexagons with easy attachment pieces to make large geometric shapes.

The perfect thing to play with while mum or dad reads aloud and you may even accidentally discover some amazing geometry principles!  We have two sets of Klikko – Shapes and Tek.  The Tek system is an extension of Klikko and uses pieces to completely transform your objects!

Suitable for ages 7+.  Hire price per kit: $12 per term plus postage.