Matador Wooden Engineering

Our 21st century society is driven by technology, made from computer chips and plastic. But we all want our children to use their hands, put real things together and not just shift pixels around on a computer screen. There is no better way than encouraging your child to play with wooden blocks.


#1781: Matador Construction Bulk Set

Matador is a construction set with wooden blocks that get connected through wooden pins. The blocks have holes to fit the pins.  Matador is made of untreated wood from copper beech trees, grown in Austria in environmentally sustainable forests.   Matador is recommended for gifted children and all those engineers!  You can view the Matador range at: 

This is a large Matador kit comprised of the Matador Klassik 1, Matador Klassik 3 and the Cogs Expansion.

Hire price: $30 per term pp.


#1782: Matador Young Creator

 Our Matador “Young Creator” set is also known as Ki 3 set from  It has bigger pieces and pins than the Klassik series so is excellent for younger children.  As you can see from the images though, bigger pieces does not mean less complex models!  Our family enjoys the feel of these bigger blocks and there are enough in this 160 piece set to make some decent models.

Hire price: $20 per term pp.




Fischertechnik  excel in modelling “real life” systems such as gearboxes, drills, sewing machines, pneumatics and merry-go-rounds.  This system of building blocks, motors, sensors, lights, computer controllers and software allow you to build countless fun and functional models.  They are a must for any budding engineer, physicist or builder.  This really is learning hands-on.  Every kit includes a teaching book encouraging step-by-step learning with easy to hard projects.

There are lots of bits and the instructions aren’t as easy to understand as Lego instructions so you need to have patience.  We think these kits work best for kids aged at least 10+.

 NEW July 2017! 

Mechanic and Static Fischertechnik


#1531 Mechanic and Static

The ultimate technology construction set for all future mechanical engineers, technicians and engineers: How does a gear box work? What is a planetary gear?  How do you design a stable bridge? Find out in this large construction set of over 500 pieces allowing you to build 30 different models.  Includes two instructional activity booklets.

New July 2017!

Hire Price: $30 per term plus post

Fischertechnik Pneumatics

 #1521 Profi Pneumatics II

This pneumatics set teaches the basics for this “airy” technology in a playful way and shows the operating method of pneumatic valves and cylinders in connection with compressors and air cells using numerous examples.  It contains 4 double-acting pneumatic cylinders, three 4/3-way manual valves and an electrically driven compressor with air cell. Detailed assembly instructions are included.
This set comes with an activity booklet on the subject of “Pneumatics – Movements with compressed air”.

Suitable for 10 years+ but instructions may require parental help. 

Hire price: $20 per term plus postage

Fischertechnik Solar Power

#6021 Solar Power

This building kit from the Fischertechnik professional series addresses the subject of renewable energy. The eight models and numerous experiments explain the production, storage, and use of energy from water, wind, and the sun. More than 150 pieces, builds 8 projects including: small water-wheel generator, wind-powered fan using the solar micro-motor as a generator and a simple crane using solar cells.

Hire price: $20 per term pp


#1541 FischerTechnik Technical Revolutions set

Explore the world of James Watt, Michael Faraday and other famous inventors with this special construction set that brings to life important moments in the history of technology. Build functional models of important technological inventions, such as an electric motor, cardan shaft, perpetuum mobile, a Morse telegraph or a generator. Contains over 200 components including a construction guide and activity booklet.

Suitable for 10 years+.  Hire price: $20 for a term plus postage


#1501 Da Vinci machines set

This construction set combines several mechanical models, whose origin goes back to designs from Leonardo Da Vinci: file cutting machine, pivoting bridge and chariot. An activity booklet with numerous illustrations and descriptions for the original designs from Leonardo Da Vinci provides information which is worth learning.  History you can touch!

Suitable for ages 10+ but instructions may require parental help.  Hire price: $20 per term plus postage

Fischertechnik Fun With Physics

#1511 FischerTechnik Dynamic Fun with Physics

Balls race on the unique flex-rails through various obstacle courses. They accelerate, decelerate, cause chain reactions, shoot through the loop and run through obstacles such as teeter-totters and switches. An elevator powered by an XS motor conveys the balls to the top. The effects are based on various physical phenomena (acceleration, inertia of mass, centrifugal force, law of conservation of energy, principle of linear momentum, laws of motion). These are explained in the activity booklet and can be demonstrated clearly using various experimental set-ups. Shows how entertaining physics can be!

Suitable for ages 10+. 

Hire price: $20 for a term plus postage