English Resources

There’s nothing like reading great books aloud and treasuring those first wobbly handwritten cards!  We are great believers in the concept of “awaiting readiness” when it comes to reading and writing.  We have included some great,  hands-on resources to help you support your child’s literacy learning.


#9010 Syl lab if ic a tion©

This great game by Smart Kids here in New Zealand helps your family understand how prefixes, root words and suffixes work.  It’s a simple game to understand and the colour coded tiles feel good and solid to handle.  There are enough tiles to allow for four players.

Hire Cost: $12 per term pp

#9010 Reading Rods® Word for Word® Phonics Game

Learning Resources®  have produced a fantastic word building game.  Play it fast and compete to build a word on each side of the Reading Rods® within a 2 minute time limit.  Or, play it slow and help one another find words and experiment with word families.  The game can be played at multiple levels and can be customised to practice specific reading and word-building skills. Includes 112 color-coded Rods.

Hire Price: $15 pp.   Age: 4-Adult