Brainbox Secondary 2 Kit


Curriculum based electronics set with up to 500 experiments.

Learn how to use a digital multimeter, use sensors to switch on and off, find out about series and parallel circuits, build a radio. Includes a variable resistor and other special components. Teacher/parent manual to guide experiments.

Hire price: $20 per term pp.  Suitable for 10+

Electroflash Electronic Kit


In this kit, real electronic components such as resistors and capacitors are soldered onto magnets.  This means the student can easily put a circuit together and the circuit stays in place!  The students learn to recognise the real-life components and get used to their functions.

The circuit cards show the student exactly how to put the circuit together and then allow for some experimentation.  There are lots of pieces and projects to attempt.  The cards progress in a linear fashion so allow the student to build on their skills and knowledge.

This kit is excellent for teaching electronics at all levels.  Templates are supplied to help build sirens, alarms, flashers, decision makers, musical organs etc.  Like all electronics, this kit does require some perseverance and patience – some cards will need to be attempted several times before the student can work out why it “doesn’t work”.  For this reason, we think it suits older students or is best worked through with an adult.

Hire price: $30 per term pp.  Suitable for 11+