Earth Sciences

Visit our Chemistry page to learn more about the curriculum book Earth and Beyond from the 200 Super Science Series.

Weather Station by Learning Resources

Remember that weather study you were going to do?  Here are the tools you need and even a programme you can use to assist you in your lesson.

The Weather Centre has a thermometer, barometer and hygrometer all in a portable case. All three gauges are removable for individual use on a separate base.

The kit also contains three “Weather and Climate” activity books with blackline masters and a set of weather cards. Each “Weather and Climate” book is suitable for either 5-8 year olds, 8-10 year olds or 10-12 year olds.

Hire price: $15 per term pp   Age: 5+




FischerTechnik Alternative Energy kit

This building kit from the Fischertechnik professional series addresses the subject of renewable energy. The eight models and numerous experiments explain the production, storage, and use of energy from water, wind, and the sun.  More than 150 pieces, builds 8 projects including: small water-wheel generator, wind-powered fan using the solar micro-motor as a generator and a simple crane using solar cells.

Hire price: $20 per term plus postage. 




STEWindenergySTELRLR Wind Energy Equipment Pack


This kit specifically looks at the uses and impact of wind energy.

Our world is seeking alternative energy sources and needs designers, engineers and manufacturers of these new technologies.

By using this kit, students can:

  • classify energy resources as renewable or non-renewable
  • complete a research project into an energy resource
  • carry out inquiry-based investigations on factors affecting the output of a wind turbine
  • experiment with angle of the blades, number of blades, length of blades
  • complete critical thinking exercises on wind farm issues
  • investigate careers and associated study pathways in the renewable energy industry

This kit does come with an instruction booklet that also includes projects for solar energy.  However, this kit only includes parts for the wind energy experiments

Suitable for ages 13+.  Hire price: $20 plus postage per term. 




EarthSciencerocks1-250x280Geology rock samples kit

A collection of 27 samples of common New Zealand rocks and minerals.   Sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks are all included.

This kit comes with a DK handbook “Rocks and Minerals” and a “MOH Scale of Hardness” rock kit.

Suitable for ages 5+

Hire price: $10 for a term plus postage