Connecting Colour Tiles Periodic Table Set

The Connecting Colour Tiles Periodic Table Set from ETA Hand2Mind provides students a hands-on experience with the elements of the periodic table, and is designed for Years 5 and up (age 8+).

The colour-coded tiles snap together and are printed with the atomic symbol, atomic number, atomic weight, and electron configuration of each of the 115 elements.   The set also includes 45 additional tiles of common elements for constructing equations and compounds, and an activity guide. Everything is packaged in a storage container.

Hire price: $15 plus postage.  Ages: 8+




Super Science Investigations Curriculum









This series of four books, produced by UserFriendly Resources and written by experienced science teacher Ormiston Walker, all contain 200 practical experiments covering the four areas in the NZ Science Curriculum: The Material World (Chemistry), The Physical World (Physics), The Living World (Biology), Earth and Beyond (Astronomy and Earth Science).

Many of the experiments can be done with basic home equipment and most others use readily available ingredients.  The activities are clearly laid out, grouped by topic, work for an individual or group and support the modern science curriculum.  Optional extension activities are provided for each investigation.

This is a highly recommended science programme for the 10-15 age group but younger children will also benefit.

Each book is hired out individually – that’s 20 experiments per week!

Hire Price: $10 per book pp. 



Molecular Model Building Kit – MolyMods


Chemistrymolymod-250x187mysteryperiodictableDon’t wait until high school to introduce the concept of atoms and molecules.  This set helps children get “hands on” in the invisible molecular world even during primary years.  The Molymod kit is a system of plastic coloured balls (atoms) and connectors.  Use this kit with high schoolers to build common molecules and investigate their shape and interactions.  Let primary age children have fun building their “own design” molecule or seeing if they can guess the shape of a common one such as water.

The Molymod system is the original, unique, dual-scale system of high quality molecular models. These enormously popular sets are ideal for students but are also used by scientists all over the world.

Includes “Living History” book:  “The Mystery of the Periodic Table” by Benjamin Wiker.  A great read aloud while the family play with the kit.

Hire price: $10 per term plus postage.  Age: 8+